The Tricopigmentation, the Original

Today, Tricopigmentation goes by many names and most of them are misleading, such asscalp pigmentation, hair tattoo, dermopigmentation and so on. In reality, Tricopigmentation, the original one, was crated in 1998 by Toni Belfatto and Ennio Orsini.

The word was unknown until then and the word Tricopigmentation will only be inscribed in the Chieti Chamber of Commerce register in 2007. Tricopigmentation plays with human perception and manages to create optical illusions. Its main goal it is to create the presence of hair where there is none. It is one of the best solutions when it comes to solve any beauty problems caused by hair loss and by residual scar marks. Tricopigmentation fame is ever growing, as it is a quite effective and simple solution to a very old problem. However, being such a new concept it is often misinterpreted and mixed-up with other techniques, only a handful of dermopigmentation specialists have true knowledge of this technique and will propose it as a solution, on the other hand many amateurish practitioners will propose and carry out the treatment with disastrous results giving the treatment a poor representation.

Tricopigmentation is a completely new specialization in the beauty-solution field. It was born with the goal to solve beauty problems caused by hair loss, (alopecia aerate, alopecia aerate totalis and alopecia aerate universalis) and by scarring left behind by a transplant, (general scarring left on the scalp, scarring left behind by linear auto-transplant, FUT and by points-shaped auto-transplant, FUE).

F.A.Q Tricopigmentation


There are not real contraindications related to Tricopigmentation since the pigments are biocompatible, and licensed by the Ministry of Health, moreover the tools utilized are strictly single used. However, it is ill advised to practice permanent make-up on a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, on people with cardiac and vascular issues or neurotic diseases.


Usually, Tricopigmentation is not a painful treatment. However, the perception of pain is highly subjective and if necessary during the treatment, we can apply desensitizers that will render the treatment painless.


A properly executed Tricopigmentation pushes bio-pigments into the dermis by using a disposable needle, such pigments are absorbable by the organism. During this action, the germinative papilla of the hair in not touched, as it is situated much deeper. Actually, the mechanic stimulation caused by the applications of permanent make-up will favor the blood circulation bringing more oxygen to the hair.


The pigments we use are not toxic for the human body, they are hypoallergenic and will be naturally assibilated by the organism and are licensed by the Ministry of Health as pursuant to the law in use.  Till this day not a single one of our customers (over 22.000) has ever encountered a single problem with the pigments we use.


The pigments we use are biocompatible and will be assimilated by the skin, this will allow the customer to change the color to another tonality that will suit the current situation better. This is one of the reason we firmly avoid using permanent pigments.


The first appointment is a free consultation that can also take place over the phone, during this meeting everything concerning permanent make-up will be explained to the potential costumer, like the hygienic and medical aspect, the technical side and the commercial ones. In order to set an appointment send an email to or you may call the following number: 0039.8072.981395

Price Tricopigmentation

First session

€ 800
  • the costs are to sector

2a - 3a session

€ 200
  • the costs are to sector

Check-up, after 6 months

€ 200
  • the costs are to sector

Second check-up, 7 /18 months

€ 400
  • the costs are to sector