Toni Belfatto The Beginning

Toni Belfatto was born in 1973 in Casoli, a little town in Abruzzo and from a very young age he developed a great passion for anything that is art.

In 1989, along with his father, he attended his first Permanent-Makeup conference: this new world fascinated him immediately.

Toni has been holding artistic tattoo and permanent make-up training courses in order to pass down his great passion to whoever wishes to become a part of this
fantastic world.

Years of studies, researching, experimenting and a huge love for everything that is connected to the aesthetic, made a great dermopigmentist and teacher out of him.

In 2007 he patented the Tricopigmentazione ® technique, an innovative technique destined to completely revolutionize the world of dermopigmentation. The goal of
Tricopigmentation is to cover any blemish caused by balding or post-hair transplant scarring: it does so by creating the perfect optical illusion, it makes it look as if there
is hair where there is none.

During the same year, Toni Belfatto became the CEO of the Orsini & Belfatto, a company that commercializes equipment and products specific for practicing
Dermopigmentation. The company also manages the Academy. Their Academy has been responsible for the professional formation and training of more than 5000
students in the field of Dermopigmentation.

In 2008 Toni took part to a worldwide project aimed to write a book about facial Dermopigmentation with infectious diseases’ specialists, microbiologists and

Toni Belfatto is the Chairman of the Italian Association of Dermopigmentation (A.I.DER, Associazione Italiana Dermopigmentisti).

From 2010 until 2013 he was a member of the Permanent Makeup Worldwide Championship International Committee in Moscow. He has held various aesthetical
and medical conferences in Miami, St.Petersburg and Rome and has worked together with surgeons of worldwide fame.

He has participated as guest of honor and as the Italian representative for the world in more than 50 international conventions regarding aesthetic medicine and micro-
pigmentation. He was also invited to various television shows, in which he has presented on micro-pigmentation and aesthetic medicine.

Toni Belfatto is dubbed the “VIP Guru” by several newspapers.

He has also received various awards from the Region of Abruzzo, the Province of Chieti and by various industry specialists. In 2014 Toni wrote his first book, “The secrets of the hyper-realistic eyebrow for males and females”. The book has been translated in 6 languages.

In 2015 he published his second work, “Tricopigmentation, The Original One” This book is the first official manual for this specialty: it has been translated in 3

These two books will lay the basis for the creation of the “Encyclopedia of Dermopigmentation” The Belfatto Lab is Toni’s latest creation in which he has invested all his passion and soul. The Belfatto Lab aims to cancel any professional limitation by creating a great number of Dermopigmentation centres in Italy and in the rest of the world.

This groundbreaking project is helmed by a group of highly qualified dermopigmentation specialists, who share the same passion for the job. More than anything, the Belfatto Lab creation is the answer to a constantly growing demand by customers and it offers solutions to their esthetical issues.

In 2017 Toni Belfatto has launched his own line of hair products. Tricogen, a new revolutionary system to keep balding under control. Tricogen is efficient and safe
and does not cause any side effect.