The use of imprinting a distinct mark, (be it an imagine or a piercing), upon the body goes back to the beginning of civilization. Ethnographic studies have proved how those habits held a deep symbolic and cultural meaning and went way beyond a mere decorative intent. In the tribal contest, tattoos always had a ritualistic meaning, it was used to mark the phases of a person life, it was a rite of passage from a phase to the next. Moreover, their symbolic meaning was fundamental for the social integration of an individual. In the modern society, those motivations, not only, persist but they are enriched by further personal reasons each human may have.

Whoever decides to get a tattoos or a piercing may do so for different reasons: as a way to express one’s personality, to mark a special moment in one’s life, to exorcise fear, to express dissent, to rebel against something … no matter the reason, the motive behind a tattoo or a piecing are always deep and personal.

Who are you? What do you want?

Does the idea of a drawing that covers parts of your body appeal to you?

Are you a minimalist, searching for the essence of a small stylized skin?

Do you prefer a tattoo of dreamy neutral tones or an explosion of colour?

There is no limit to the artistic choice:

The important thing is be aware that a tattoo  will remain on your skin for life

For this reason you must ensure that the result is aesthetically perfect, technically flawless and absolutely safe in terms of hygiene.

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