Permanent Make up Eyes

What is Permanent Make up eyes?

Permanent make-up as a treatment is fairly similar to tattooing as it “push” specific pigments into the skin, in the dermis to be more precise. It enhances the appearance of the eyes, the lips (contour) and the eyebrows. The biggest differences between tattooing and permanent make-up involve the equipment used, the kind of pigments utilized. Permanent make-up use biologically absorbable pigments so it is not an everlasting design. However, the one thing that will never change is my philosophy, I always place naturalness and simplicity above all things. Permanent make-up does not modify the morphology of a face, it does not change its features, it just enhances and highlights a face’s details in the respect of its natural beauty. By all that we can deduce how permanent make-up, as a technique, is way less invasive that tattooing.

First session

€ 500/800
  • variable

Monthly check-up

€ 200
  • within 4 months

Yearly check-up

  • Half the price paid for the first session