Permanent Make up Eyebrows

Over the years, the eyebrow’s shape has heavily been influenced by the current fashion. It is common, nowadays, to meet eyebrows-less woman, those women are the “survivors” of a fairly recent style, the eyebrows-less trend started by the Italian singer Mina. Permanent make-up can fix this kind of damage. It is important to remember that any trend, no matter how widespread and fabulous looking, will eventually pass, on the other hand the damages left behind by it is everlasting. Moreover, not every trend effectively enhances the beauty of a face, especially when the eyes are concerned. Luckily permanent make-up can solve this problem. Only a few are aware of the fact that beauty has set rules, those rules goes back to ancient times and are never going to change in spite of current trends.

Eyebrows for man

Eyebrows for woman

Price Permanent Make up Eyebrows

First session

€ 500/800
  • variable

Monthly check-up

€ 200
  • within 4 months

Yearly check-up

  • Half the price paid for the first session