Permanent Make-Up

Permanent Make-Up is a tattooing technique, known by the name of DERMOPIGMENTATION, this technique main goal is to apply a tattoo that can be biologically assimilated by the organism over time.

The use of absorbable pigments brings many advantages such as the possibility of changing the tattoo design over time, (be it the eyebrows or any other areas of choice), hence to adapt it to the changing morphology and shape of a face as time goes by.

The first step to take before fixing an appointment is to to read the informative section of this site or to call in, for a free consultation that will explain all the there is to know about permanent make-up down to every detail.

Treatments Permanent make-up

Everything you need to know about permanent make-up

Who may need permanent make-up?

The total or partial loss of hair has always been a problem. A plague concerning both the females and the males.

Most types of alopecia will cause an evident thinning of eyebrow hair in a short time, this creates a marked asymmetry and it will completely disrupt the harmony of any face.

Often, in a misguided attempt to follow the current trend, people try to shape their eyebrows by plucking away at the hair with tweezers;this practice stresses the skin greatly. It is a constant trauma for the flesh and the hair.

In accordance to what stated above, it is easy to realize that the causes behind a permanent make-up intervention are varied and numerous and are not always acknowledged.

Lips are very delicate and prone to be damaged and scarred, violent herpes may hit them and irreparably scar their flesh, as it is often the case when the mucous membrane is involved.

Lips can also lose their contour definition if their tint is too delicate or if their shape is not regular. Both problems can be easily solved by permanent make-up. Not only that, also the simple desire to have full lips can be achieved through permanent make-up.

What is permanent make-up?

Permanent make-up is an illusion, a treatment that plays with human perceptions. The very word “make-up” implies the presence of a deception. The deception is the creation of a different reality. Of course, the real trick of the trade is the skill to conceal the “deception,” so that everything will appear as natural as possible.


The tattooing action is about pushing biologically absorbable pigments in the dermis through the use of disposable needles.

Treatments, eyebrows, lips and eyes

Permanent make-up is not just requested to “heal” and cover up beauty blemishes. It is also a means to enhance the expressiveness of a face, which is strongly related to the eyebrows, to the eyebrows shape and to their location. Eyebrows are a strong means of meta-verbal communication. Their expressiveness is of absolute importance when it comes to the communication ability of a face.

Permanent Make-Up can be the solution to make a blemish disappear. However, it can also be the fulfillment of an esthetic desire.

In both cases, the positivity it brings is not just visual as its effects branch out to mend a person’s insecurities and lack of self-esteem. Simply put, it makes someone feel better about the way they look.

This already is a great accomplishment.

The intra-lashes technique aims to render a stare alluring and charismatic by making the eyes more visible. It is a rather simple yet effective concept and it releases us from the necessity to wear heavy and often invasive make-up.

On the other hand, an eyeliner technique will create a different effect and satisfy a different request. The eyeliner technique is more evident and it can alter the shape and asset of the eyes.

In order to modify the dropping tendency some eyes develop the eyeliner technique is the perfect answer.

The ability to fulfill a desire is never to be discounted as it often brings psychological benefits with it.

Filling-up techniques are instead fundamental to even out the lips pigmentation in case of a hypo chromatic situation.

Reconstruction techniques are needed if the lips asymmetry is rather visible or if one wishes to “augment” the lips volume without touching the anatomic structure of a face.

The hyper realistic technique is the most apt to accomplish that, as it will allow the customer to enrich the beauty of her lips with a simple touch of gloss.

Permanent Make-up, preparation

Even though it a mainly aesthetic practice, the use of permanent make-up can be placed quite close to a medical experience because it involves working on the vascular tissues and so it requires a precautionary protocol similar to that of a medical action, not to mention a great deal of attention and care when considering the possible contraindications.

It is fundamentalfor any customers to be aware of the procedure potential risks and it is up to the operator to explain any information down to the details, especially in case the customer is underage, pregnant, breastfeeding, taking meds, subject to cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders or prone to blood coagulation problems.

Sessions required

A proper working methodology requires for a planning phase, such aphase involves the choosing of pigments to use, taking into account the skin tone, normal make-up habits, the color of the eyes and of the hair. The next step calls for a drawing to be applied on the customer’s face. The drawing takes into consideration the natural morphology of the features; it will highlight the somatic traits of the face while respecting the harmony and the natural beauty of it.

Once the customer approves the drawing results, we will proceed to apply permanent make-up. After thissession, a waiting time of 28 days is required, in order to let the flesh completely recover after the cellular mitosis, we will then consider the possibility to perform adjustments in case the healing caused imperfections to surface, however, this is a very subjective process, it varies from costumer to costumer and it will be considered as such.


Yearly check-ups

The pigments used for permanent make up can be biologically absorbed by the body. These are the only pigments we use as they will be absorbed by the body through a process of phagocytosis, which is a natural physiological process that will bring the skin back to the initial situation. This is the reason a yearly check up is strongly suggested and recommended. Of course the lapse of time between each check-up is strongly tied to each individual and their body reaction, and they can vary greatly, for some it will be a period of six months, for other a period of over two years. Everything in our job is tailored on the customer’s specific needs and lifestyle. This is the only way we work.

The temporary nature of permanent make–up is positive as it grants us the possibility to adjust both the chromatic and structural aspect of the treatment.

Solar exposition is a pigment’s worst enemy, as the sunrays oxide the pigments changing their tone, a beautiful chestnut brown could, over the years, fade into a gray shade or when artistic tattoosare involved, brown could turn into blue or green.

The passing of time will change the structure of a face. This is inevitable. It may so happen that a previously perfect permanent make–up would suit the current eyebrows structure no longer and will need to be modified.

This is why the temporary nature of permanent make-up is a blessing. The permanent make-up solution allow us to modify and adapt, color and shape, so that the passing of time will not impact the results of our work in a negative way.


Permanent Make-Up and Tattoo, the differences

Even though they share the same application techniques, permanent make-up is completely different from tattooing: the pigments and the equipment used are different and so are the effects.

Tattooing techniques concerning tribal tattoos and intense shading are directly related to the tattoo’s world.

A deep knowledge of the anatomy of the face is paramount to apply permanent make-up, especially in regard of less perceptible technique like the hyper-realistic ones, also known as “hair by hair” techniques.

Pigments can be permanent or biologically absorbable. The former are synthetic and are specifically used for artistic tattooing, sometimes they maybe improperly used for permanent make-up as well, this is a mistake only done by amateurish practitioner of the craft. This kind of mistake has devastating results as the color will eventually change to faded green or blue and after some times the changing morphology of a face will render the design obsolete. The only solution in this case is removal by laser.

Choosing the right equipment is fundamental in order to achieve a great result where permanent make-up is concerned. Machines and tools that are able to be highly precise are to be favored over any other, machines with a slow and extremely regulated needle rhythm are absolutely necessary, in order to avoid the migration of color and hypertrophic scarring. We must utilize extra thin needles and equip them with taper that will allow us to execute every single hair to perfection. Permanent make-up is a work of patience and precision.



There are no real contraindications related to permanent make-up since the pigments are biocompatible, and licensed by the Ministry of Health, moreover the tools utilized are strictly single used.

However, it is ill-advised to practice permanent make-up on a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, on people with cardiac and vascular issues, or neurotic diseases.

Is it a painful treatment?

Usually, permanent make-up is not a painful treatment. However, the perception of pain is highly subjective and if necessary during the treatment, we can apply desensitizers that will render the treatment painless.

Does it damage the eyebrows?

A properly executed permanent make-up will push the bio pigments that can be assimilated into the dermis by using a disposable needle. During such action the germinative papilla of the hair in not touched, as it is situated way deeper.

Actually, the mechanic stimulation caused by the applications of permanent make-up will favor the blood circulation bringing more oxygen to the hair.

Are the pigments employed toxic?

The pigments we use are not toxic for the human body, they are hypoallergenic and will be naturally assibilated by the organism and are licensed by the Ministry of Health as pursuant to the law in use.  Till this day not a single one of our customers (over 22,000) have ever encountered a single problem with the pigments we use.

What about when my eyebrows start turning white?

The pigments we use are biocompatible and will be assimilated by the skin, this will allow the customer to change the color to another tonality that will suit the current situation better. This is one of the reason we firmly avoid using permanent pigments.

How can I set an appointment?

The first appointment is a free consultation that can also take place over the phone, during this meeting everything concerning permanent make-up will be explained to the potential costumer, like the hygienic and medical aspect, the technical side and the commercial ones.

In order to set an appointment just send an e-mail to infoç or you may call the following number: 0039.8072.981395


Permanent make-up is an artistic craft and every work is a unique masterpiece and the price reflects that. The price is also tied the capability and skill of the specialist, the quality of the equipment utilized, the treatment chosen, the pigments quality and the application technique required. In short, the price is related to many factors.

  • First session: Between 500 Euros and 800 Euros
  • Monthly check-up (within 4 months): 200 Euros
  • Yearly check-up: Half the price paid for the first session


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Price Permanent Make-Up

First session

€ 500/800
  • variable

Monthly check-up

€ 200
  • within 4 months

Yearly check-up

  • Half the price paid for the first session