Dermopigmentation Spots

Even though it may appear unsuitable to color the skin by using substances unable to naturally darken-up or lighten-down, aesthetic dermopigmentation is a real solution for anyone suffering from chromatic alterations, hypo and hyper chromatic spots or vitiligo, because those blemishes have yet to find any real and definitive solution. Vitiligo spots are due to the destruction of some particular melanin producing cells. Vitiligo creates a deep sense of unease, especially when the spots are located on the face and neck area as those areas are constantly exposed. Those chromatic differences between melanin-less spots and normal spots can be evened out through dermopigmentation. The decision to use a permanent pigment or a bio-absorbable one is usually made by the operator on a case-by-case basis.

Cost and type of intervention

The costs and feasibility of tattooing are to be evaluated at the time of counseling .