Dermopigmentation Areola

Areola dermopigmentation treatment is one of the most demanded treatments in the field. Breast lifting or mastoplasty leave very visible scars around the areola, paramedical tattoo can conceal these scars quite efficiently and without any negative effects. Areola dermopigmentation is quite effective when it comes to cover such scars and it can be applied in many instances of beauty blemishes involving the breast, such as peri-areola scarring, (scarred tissue around the areola), scarring caused by addictive mastoplaxy, upside down T scarring caused by mastopexy, oval shaped scarring caused by the insertion of drying tubes, scarring left behind by a total or just lateral areola reconstruction (usually following a breast surgery), pigmentation-less spots around the areola, visual augmentation of the areola design. Only in some instances it possible to use permanent pigments for this treatment. Usually, we recommend the use of bio-absorbable pigments, (paramedical micropigmentation).

Cost and type of intervention

The costs and feasibility of tattooing are to be evaluated at the time of counseling