Dermopigmentazione Paramedicale


Dermopigmentation as a treatment belongs in the field of paramedical tattooing. It is about pushing pigments into the dermis however; it is a very specific technique and has very strict rules of execution. It is quite different from artistic tattooing and the two should never be mixed up.

The differences are in the application techniques, the equipment used, the pigments molecular composition and the areas of the body involved. However, the most important difference between paramedical tattooing and artistic tattooing is the reason behind the choice.

Dermopigmentation is the perfect solution to any pigment-less scarring caused by surgery, such as mastoplaxy and mastopexy. It can also help with some case of cleft lip, in almost any instance of vitiligo and of course and, of course, it can conceal lifting surgery scarring.

An ever-growing number of surgeons are beginning to see how beauty surgery and dermopigmentation complement each other.

Ten years ago, I decided to seriously research paramedical dermopigmentation because of the ever-growing demand of collaboration from oncology centers, private centers and beauty surgeon.

As a matter of fact, micro-pigmentation is employed very often to re-pigment the scarring left by an addictive mastoplaxy. Moreover, the treatment is used to conceal the aftermath of a mastectomy by recreating the areola around the nipple through micro-pigmentation.

Dermopigmentation is also used by people to overcome the physiological stress caused by a partial of total loss of hair following an illness or an aggressive therapy. Paramedical tattooing can solve the problem.

Alopecia, scars, vitiligo, those are only some of the problems that can solved through micropigmentation.

Most common dermopigmentation treatments

Prices and treatments

The price and the feasibility of a dermopigmentation treatment are to be discussed and evaluated on a case-by-case basis during the consultation meeting.

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