Course tricopigmentation the original


This is a specialized course in BOUNCE – SHORT HAIR AND DERMATOPPIK FOR MAN AND WOMAN technique aimed at those who want to help improve the look of someone who has problems with baldness and post-surgery scars or trauma..


  • Who is Trico pigmentation for?
  • Brief overview;
  • Various types of baldness;

  • AGA (Androgenetic Alopecia) description;
  • Hamilton scale;
  • Norwood scale;
  • Strip technique;
  • F.U.E. technique;
  • Scar tissue;
  • Hair transplant procedure costs;
  • The correct depth and the consequences generated by the wrong depth;
  •  Timing of the healing of a tissue subjected to Dermo  pigmentation;
  •  The 3 basic operations;
  •  The 5 basic parameters of Dermo pigmentation;
  •  Dermo pigmentation general rules;
  •  The importance of having specific equipment;
  •  Tricoroller;
  •  Practice on synthetic material;
  •  Practice on models brought by the student.


The individual course lasts 2 days and dates are determined based on the availability of the student and the teacher. The mini-class course will have a duration of 2 days and dates are established directly by the Academy.

Class hours: 9:30 – 13:30, 14:30 – 18:30


Both individual and mini classes courses are held exclusively in Casoli (CH).


During the course all useful educational material will be provided for the complete understanding of the studied subjects. The exclusive “Toni Belfatto” certificate will be issued. The course includes the addition to the official website of Trico pigmentation. (


The individual course costs 8.500,00€+ VAT; the Mini-class course (from 2 to 3 students) costs 3.900,00€+ VAT per person. The course includes The Morelia Plus machine and the book written by Toni Belfatto “The Tricopigmentation, the original”, the only ope­rating introduction on Tricopigmentation. The individual course without the Morelia Plus machine costs 5.000,00€ +VAT; the mi­ni-class course (from 2 to 3 student) without Morelia Plus machine costs 3.900,00€+VAT per person. The course includes the book written by Toni Belfatto “The Tricopigmentation, the original”, the only operating introduction on Tricopigmentation.