Permanent Make-Up: Eyes, lips and eyebrows. Beauty resides in the details. The only way to improve beauty is to enhance it in the most natural way possible, never forgetting that simplicity is a key factor when working on the body.

Dermopigmentation: The amazing new technique in the field of paramedical tattooing meant to conceal scars, epidemicflaws and cutaneous hypochromia.It completely revolutionized the field by opening up countless possibilities.

Tricopigmentazione: An innovative solution to cover blemishes caused by hair loss and hair transplant scars. One sure method to solve the problem. Tricopigmentation is the solution.

Courses: We offer high-level specialized training, private courses, one-to-one sessions and group classes. In addition,we grant the possibility to take part to international events and Masters.


Far from being just a tattoo artist, he is a true innovator, a pioneer in the field of medical tattooing.

Every single day is a challenge as we live in a society that constantly demands the best from us.


The skin is the part of ourselves to be touched by and to touch the world around us. It is what physically connects us to the world. It is a vehicle of communication, it creates interactions and it shields us from the outside.

Nowadays, we are put under constant strain, both psychologically and physically, by the speed at which our society moves, every day is battle and these struggles reflect on the skin. Everyday, our skin endures tremendous stress, if the trauma builds up until the breaking point, serious issues will arise from that.

After all, your skin is the “dress” you wear everyday. It is the reflection of your true essence as a human being.

After several years of research and experimentations, I have come to deeply respect this truth. Over the years, I have worked on countless different types of skin, it was a long process, through mistakes and breakthroughs, trials and errors, but it allowed me to reach to a life-changing conclusion. Many of our beauty problems can be traced back to OUR SKIN and the most effective and natural way to deal with such problems is through permanent make-up.

The solution to a great deal of aesthetic troubles and to the emotional stress they cause is  “WITHIN THE SKIN.”

The most effective and natural way to deal with such problems is through Permanent Make-Up and Tricopigmentation.

The biggest reward, in my line of work, is to witness the incredulous happiness of a person rediscovering their beauty and, consequentially, becoming more self-assured. This is what feeds the passion I have for this job and what pushes me to better myself and to never back down.

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